Spelling Lists

Unit 3

Week 5

Spelling Words

huge   cube   fumes   music unit  menu

few     pew    fuel     cues    pony  queen



dime               quarter


Vocabulary Words (both weeks)

Cheered- shouted with happiness

Concert- performance by musicians or singers

Instrument- a tool used to do or make something

Movements- ways of moving

Music- pleasing sounds

Rhythm- repeating sounds or movements

Sounds- noises that can be heard

Understand- you know what something means.


High Frequency Words (both weeks)

America, beautiful, began, climbed, come, country, didn’t, give, live, turned


Weekly Reminders

Hello February!! I’m so happy the groundhog didn’t see his shadow! Bring on warm weather!

We have an early dismissal on Wednesday at 2pm, no tutoring!

We are having a Gaga Tournament for the Johnson’s, the donation to play is $2.00

Please send a shoe box for your child’s dinosaur diorama!

I am looking over all of the things that the kid did last week and reworking what didn’t stick, so you may see some repeat stuff.

Thank you all for your patience last week and your thoughts and prayers.

Party parents for Valentine’s Day are: Craft: Samantha Newbury, Snack: Jerica Stubblefield, Games: Melinda Squires, Drink: Bethany Bradford. *I leave the party planning up to you all, if you need any help let me know! *