Spelling Lists

Unit 3

Week 4

Spelling Words

we bee need queen mean leaf

thief chief pony keys grow toe


penny nickel

Vocabulary Words (both weeks)

Adventure- an exciting experience

Delighted- pleased, happy

Dreamed- seen during sleep, imagined

Enjoy- made you feel happy

Grumbled- low heavy sound, complained

Moonlight- the moon’s glow

Neighbor- someone who lives next to you

Nighttime- dark part of the day

High Frequency Words (both weeks)

better, group, long, more, only, our, started, three, who, won’t

Weekly Reminders

The 100th Day is Thursday!

Normal week this week!

Please send a shoe box for your child’s dinosaur diorama!

We will test over money on Friday. I will send a “Things to Know” page on Monday night.

WSIL will be here Wednesday morning to do an assembly on weather!

Party parents for Valentine’s Day are: Craft: Samatha Newbury, Snack: Jerica Stubblefield, Games: Melinda Squires, Drink: Bethany Bradford. *I leave the party planning up to you all, if you need any help let me know! *