Party Parents
If you did not get to sign up and would like to, please let me know! 

Party Volunteers


Valentine’s Day– Thursday, Feb. 14 (1:45)


Craft Holly Bowdler                Snack   Tiffany Talley


Games _______________Drink Adam Sartor



Easter– Thursday, April  18  (1:30 party) (2:30 dismissal)


Craft _________________       Snack Heather Myers



Games _________________   Drink Tiffany Talley


Zoo Trip– TBA– Late April/Early May– There will be a drawing for the chaperones. Please write in your name if you would like your name in the hat!

_______________  _______________  _______________


_______________  _______________  _______________


_______________  _______________  _______________

*Depending on how much space we have on the bus will tell me how many people can go!