Spelling Lists



Spelling/Vocabulary/High Frequency Words

September 9th-13th

Spelling Words

went  tell      pet      job      fog      not     

hut      tub      bun     fix        has      one


three   four

Vocabulary Words-Be able to use in a sentence and tell the meaning. (These words will be the same for 2 weeks.)

Aside- put to the side

Culture-the way of life for a group of people

Fair-equal or just

Invited-asked to come

Language-the speech of a group of people

Plead-to make a request (beg)

Scurries-moves quickly

Share- to divide and give to others

High Frequency Words- Be able to read and spell.  (These words will be the same for 2 weeks.)

ball, blue, both, even, for, help, put, there, why, yellow

Weekly Reminders

Tutoring starts Monday.

Mrs. Brandi will not be here Friday.

Friday is the last day of the Mid-term.