Module 5

A.  Area of Triangles, Quadrilaterals, and Polygons    

The Area of Quadrilaterals, and Polygons

      Lesson 1  |  Lesson Instruction


The Area of Right Triangles

      Lesson 2  |  Lesson Instruction


The Area of Acute Triangles Using Height and Base

      Lesson 3  |  Lesson Instruction


The Area of All Triangles Using Height and Base

      Lesson 4  |  Lesson Instruction


The Area of Polygons Through Composition and Decomposition

      Lesson 5  |  Lesson Instruction


Area in the Real World

      Lesson 6  |  Lesson Instruction


B.  Polygons on the Coordinate Plane     

Distance on the Coordinate Plane

      Lesson 7  |  Lesson Instruction


Drawing Polygons in the Coordinate Plane

      Lesson 8  |  Lesson Instruction


Determining Perimeter and Area of Polygons on the Coordinate Planes

      Lesson 9  |  Lesson Instruction


Distance, Perimeter, and Area in the Real World

      Lesson 10  |  Lesson Instruction



C.  Volume of Right Rectangular Prisms    

Volume with Fractional Edge Lengths and Unit Cubes

      Lesson 11  |  Lesson Instruction


From Unit Cubes to the Formulas for Volume

      Lesson 12  |  Lesson Instruction


The Formulas for Volume

      Lesson 13  |  Lesson Instruction


Volume in the Real World

      Lesson 14  | Lesson Instruction




D.  Nets and Surface Area

Representing Three Dimensional Figures Using Nets

      Lesson 15  |  Lesson Instruction


Constructing Nets

      Lesson 16  |  Lesson Instruction


From Nets to Surface Area

      Lesson 17  |  Lesson Instruction


Determining Surface Area of Three Dimensional Figures

      Lesson 18  |  Lesson Instruction


Surface Area and Volume of the Real World

      Lesson 19  |  Lesson Instruction