General Classroom Information

Fifth - Eighth English/Writing:

All English classes will focus on grammar and writing skills throughout the entire school year.  We will work on many different projects throughout the year that will help improve language proficiency.  English classes will be a rotation of writing and grammar. I will teach the grammar skills through the students writing, so be prepared to do some form of writing everyday throughout the year in English class.  We will work very hard throughout the year to improve our writing skills and be able to write the genres of writing: informative, argumentative, and narrative essays.  We will also do short research papers throughout the year.  We will use the other content areas, Reading, Science, Social Studies, and Math for a variety of topics throughout the year.  Be ready to write and incorporate what you know about grammar into your writing.  We will also be incorporating the 6-traits of writing.  At the beginning of the year, I will be introducing all six traits, and we will use these traits throughout the year to improve our writing.

PARENTS:  You will have a writing assignment to be completed the first week of school.  Yeah that’s right, the parents will have homework before their kids do!! 

Seventh and Eighth Grade Social Studies

           Us Capitol Building.png

In 7th and 8th grade social science, we are going to focus on American history.  American history is extremely exciting, and I can’t wait to open everyone’s eyes to the wonderful world of the past.

Seventh grade social studies class we begin the year off with a United States unit.  Within this unit, the students will be studying about major landforms within the states.  We will look at a variety of important monuments that are located within the United States.  To conclude this unit, we will have a monument poster project to complete.  Seventh grade class will specifically look at early American history starting with the first Americans and going approximately to the time before the Civil War. 

Eighth grade Social Studies will start out by taking an Illinois Road Trip.  Students will be learning how to read a map while learning about some Illinois landmarks.  Students will be creating their own road trip through Illinois.  After we finish this unit, we will begin with some American History starting at the Civil War.   As 8th grade students, you will also be learning about our Federal and State Constitution.  The Federal and State Constitution is something that all eighth grade students must pass in order to graduate.  I am enthusiastic to take you into our nation’s history and bring history to life.  I hope to accomplish this by exploring books, reenacting, engaging in large and small group projects, and hands on activities.  Students also need to be thinking about what historical figure they would like to be for the Living Museum.  Students can start telling me their characters after the first week of school.  By deciding a historical person early, it helps with getting gather the student’s costumes.